NFC is a technology that is changing our daily life

NFC is a technology that is changing our daily life

From the side of an ordinary user, we rarely think about how this or that technology works. It works well, let it continue to work. But sometimes there comes a moment when it still becomes interesting and you discover a lot of new things.

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Many of us pay in the metro, buses, shops without contact, using our own phones, and during a pandemic it can be considered a precautionary measure. I put the phone to the terminal, heard a beep, wiped the phone with a cloth and go about your business. No paper counting or small, hard coins for you.

Ask how and with what the payment was made, few people can explain. The best we can hear is “NFC”. So let's figure out what kind of technology it is.

NFC or near field communication.
By means of a radio signal, any information is transmitted at a distance of up to 10 cm (therefore, phones are applied to terminals or tags).

The advantages of this technology are the speed of connection between devices and low power consumption. The disadvantages are the small range of use and the small amount of data transfer compared to bluetooth or infrared port.

There are 3 main directions in which NFC works:

  • Contactless card function
  • Scan function. We bring the phone to the terminals, tags and read the recorded information.
  • Peer to peer function (P2P). 2 phones are in contact with each other, simultaneously transmitting information (today almost no one uses this function, because through the Internet it is easier and the amount of information is transmitted more significantly)

As previously reported, there are so-called NFC tags, which can be written up to 3854 bytes as information or command:



link to the site / picture / application



sending a message to a specific number

switching to one of the modes (for phone)

setting an alarm, etc.

Today, with the help of NFC, the phone is used as an electronic wallet, a pass to a restricted area, a public transport pass, or just a bonus card.

Some people are already implanting nfc chips into their bodies and using them in everyday life, but write down your passport there and here you are!

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